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BaZi, also referred to as the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’

Bazi is an ancient formula for a deeper understanding of your personal energy. This Chinese form of astrology sheds light on the four zodiac signs and elements that define your energy.

Your birth date reveals a wealth of information formed by the year, month, day, and even hour of your birth. This combination tells not only where your strengths lie and what your talents are but also what challenges you can expect.

BaZi provides insight into your personal energy cycles, akin to the ebb and flow of ocean waves. Understanding these cycles helps you know when your energy is at its peak and when it’s time to withdraw and recharge.

This understanding aids in planning your activities and effectively using your energy when your natural flow aligns with you, promoting well-being and balance in your life.

Analyzing the four pillars offers a deep understanding of your personal blueprint, revealing insights into opportunities, relationships, health, success, career, and periods of fortune. It also highlights challenges and areas of weakness. By comprehending your unique blueprint, you can navigate life’s successes and challenges with greater efficacy.

Whether driven by curiosity or personal development, BaZi provides valuable insights into your life path and aids in yearly planning.

Traditionally, BaZi served various purposes, from selecting a spouse to determining auspicious times for significant actions like signing contracts or engaging in conflict.

Today, it remains instrumental in planning major life events such as home construction, wedding dates, and important collaborations like signing a contract.

BaZi empowers you by offering invaluable insights into your life’s journey.

BaZi reading

Step into the world of BaZi reading, where we unravel the mysteries of your personal and professional energy flow.

Step 1

Your Inquiry

Whether you seek guidance for personal growth, encounter roadblocks, or simply wish to expand your energy potential, every BaZi consultation begins with your unique aspirations.

STeP 2

Your Birthdate

Through the lens of your birth date and time, I meticulously analyze your individual BaZi blueprint, tailored to address your specific queries.

step 3

The Reading

Join me for an in-depth discussion of your BaZi reading, either in person or via video call, where I unveil insights crafted just for you. Feel free to record our session or take notes for future reference.

step 4

Annual Energy Check

As cosmic energies shift yearly, your BaZi pillars respond differently. An annual energy check ensures alignment with prevailing forces, offering foresight into the year ahead.

Eline was very helpful to me at a time when I needed perspective and space to think.

Eline Cointepas BaZi reading calculator

Calculate your Bazi chart

Do you know who you are, what your talents are, and why you do the things you do?

BaZi reveals the energy flows that move within you. Calculate your personal chart here.

Each column has its own energetic significance and influence on your life:

Year Pillar

The year pillar represents your relationships, with parents, family, heritage, physical aspects, immediate environment, and hereditary patterns.

Month Pillar

The month pillar represents your career, education, peers, siblings, ex-partners, and work environment.

Day Pillar

The day pillar represents you personally and your partner.

Hour Pillar

The hour pillar represents your deepest dreams, your children, and the future.