Calculate your Bazi chart

Do you know who you are, what your talents are, and why you do the things you do?

BaZi reveals the energy flows that move within you. Calculate your personal chart here.

Each column has its own energetic significance and influence on your life:

Year Pillar

The year pillar represents your relationships, with parents, family, heritage, physical aspects, immediate environment, and hereditary patterns.

Month Pillar

The month pillar represents your career, education, peers, siblings, ex-partners, and work environment.

Day Pillar

The day pillar represents you personally and your partner.

Hour Pillar

The hour pillar represents your deepest dreams, your children, and the future.

Bazi and your monthly energy

Every month, I host a podcast where I plunge into the energy of the upcoming month and explain the implications for the various animal signs. With insights from the Bazi calculator, you can track how this energy will impact you personally. Leave your name and email address, and I’ll notify you when a new podcast is available!

Calculate your personal Gua number here

By using your birth year, the Gua number links your energy to your home’s orientation. This number, derived from the calculation, corresponds to one of the eight compass directions.

It unveils how these directions interact with your personal energy, highlighting both positive influences and areas to be mindful of. Each direction possesses its distinct qualities.

The four positive directions support you in restful sleep, enhancing concentration, promoting well-being, and facilitate relaxation.

Curious to explore which directions are favorable for you? Visit the calculator for your personalized GUA number here.