Eline Cointepas Feng Shui Bazi Professional energie over mij natuur natuurkrachten welzijn gezondheid
Eline Cointepas Feng Shui Bazi Professional energie over mij
Eline Cointepas Feng Shui Bazi Professional energie over mij tuin groen

Nature may not have words,
but it does try to tell you something.

– James Norbury in ‘The Cat Who Taught Zen’ – 

As a young girl, I was a dreamer. I often conversed with nature beings like fairies and gnomes, firmly believing that the hollows of trees housed gnome homes. In the garden, there was a tree I loved to climb, retreating from the bustling world around me. I found deep joy in the delicate flowers peeking out of the ground in spring or the shiny chestnuts in their husks in autumn. Each season was enchanting in its own way. As I grew older, life took me by the hand. The fairy world slowly faded into the background as I studied, worked, and started my own family.

When Aura-Soma, Vicky Wall’s holistic color therapy, entered my life, it felt like coming home. I realized that I had lost touch with nature a bit.

It felt like coming home, especially because of my affinity with color due to my synesthesia. In other words, my ability to see numbers and letters in color. A beautiful consultation set me on my path of healing. Through colors, made from flower extracts and essential oils, I reconnected with the world of seen and unseen natural forces.

My mission is to align you with your environment, creating a profound sense of harmony and holistic well-being.

Following my training as a therapist, I embarked on a decade-long journey with Aura-Soma, gradually aligning with my essence. Yet, a lingering sense of incompleteness persisted.

Despite achieving harmony in body and mind, my home seemed out of sync. It was then that fate intervened. While considering hiring a Feng Shui consultant to address my home’s issues, I stumbled upon a booth offering information about a Feng Shui training program at a trade show featuring Aura-Soma. The decision was clear.

Enrolling in the course marked the start of a new adventure. Over the past decade, I’ve transitioned from Western Feng Shui to Classical Feng Shui, delving ever deeper into its teachings.

I’m passionate about harnessing the forces of nature, embracing the magic of the seasons, and understanding how our surroundings influence us. These are the natural cycles mirrored within ourselves. Through Aura-Soma, Feng Shui, and now Bazi, I’ve gained invaluable insights and tools to comprehend and visualize these forces, connecting me with the healing energies of nature and Mother Earth, enriching my practice.